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Ok now this is getting wierd

PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:13 pm
by TC
We were supposed to be in court today for a directions hearing- Ahead of the fact finding hearing next week. My husband and I and my parents were lead to believe that part of that would be based upon the 'outstanding' report from the Independent Social Worker that our son would be temporarily placed with my parents immediately. This did not happen.

At the last minute the following happened: (this is in no particular order)
* My husband was told that if he did not admit to the SS he was 'guilty' of an offense, they would report him to the police and he could possibly have his MAPPA evaluation redone and we could kiss goodbye to our son. (the accusation against him was NFA’d over 6 months ago by the police)****Note the police have said he committed no offense! UK family courts work on 'balance of probability'.

*The Guardian decided she was not happy about the Independent Social Worker's assessment of my parents as 'temporary kinship foster carers' and wanted a full Form F completed. She was pressed by all parties and refused to explain why she has taken this position. The solicitor for the child apparently told her this was a bad move, but she insisted on it. (The ISW report 'glows in the dark')

*She has claimed she is 'too busy' to attend the Fact Finding Hearing next week. She will just read the transcript.
*It has been discovered that the child pysch who evaluated my child is 'best mates' with the Guardian. We asked at the time, aren't we supposed to have at least a choice of 3 CV's to discuss? We never got an answer.
*My father 'lost it a bit' outside the court and said, 'you know lady- you can take your 'process' and shove it up your arse. ‘ She of course told the judge that my father was behaving in a threatening manner outside court. (My father before he retired was a senior USA gov't official so knows diplomacy but felt pushed to the edge.)

*They are 'sort of' backing off me. They have acknowledged that my home is lovely, my child has never had an accident in my care, no unexplained injuries (he has never been to A and E), he had a good diet in my care, excellent school attendance and academic achievement, no signs of any neglect and a house of interesting, stimulating age appropriate toys and books (although they say a child having 300 books in his room is 'unnatural' and when placed in foster care, he was given a Bible.) BUT this is what they want from me-- I have said that once I finish work (paid employment) and then look after my son and domestic chores, I admit liking some wine to relax while I watch what I have 'Sky Video Plus'd- ok Eastenders or Cooking Shows- my bad) This apparently makes me ‘emotionally unavailable- just in case my 8 year old has a bad dream at 4 am.’
*They have sent me to every drug and alcohol ‘assessment’ unit in the UK. I have voluntarily agreed to blood and hair folical testing- all have come back as (surprise) she doesn’t use drugs and doesn’t abuse alcohol. Every single one they send me to says,’ SS might be ‘concerned’ but she doesn’t pose a risk of abuse to herself or the child or the husband’- She is no priority. The SS know my family have some ‘money’. So they want me to show ‘further commitment’ by me paying privately for ‘treatment’.

Is it me or is this getting absurd? My son actually laid into the social nazi yesterday and said ‘you tell lies- you keep saying I hate mummy- that is not what I tell you. My Headmaster had a report. He wanted to talk to me because he was asked to confirm what you said to me and I said back and he said he can’t because what you wrote isn’t the way he sees it/ heard it and he is another grown up- Stop lying about me!’ He then spent 50% of the time on my lap kissing me and saying how much he missed me and wanted to come home. The social workers response? She hid behind a copy of Home and Garden Magazine.


Re: Ok now this is getting wierd

PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:41 pm
by Secrets
you watch cooking ?

OMG. That explains everything.

Re: Ok now this is getting wierd

PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:14 pm
by TC
You are forgetting the 'worst' of my behaviour.

They have suddenly found in their records an 'anonymous allegation' from Oct 2008. I was apparently seen with my son at 6 pm walking back from the corner shop with a carrier bag 'that appeared to contain a box of cat food, a bottle of wine, a pack of cigarettes (menthol) and Hello! magazine'.

I figure, it's the Hello magazine that is going to nail me to the cross.... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: