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section 37

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section 37

Postby charmainewoollam » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:46 am

I am seeking assistance or advice regarding a section 37 that was order today (16/3/17) at Grimsby combined court.
To very briefly explain the situation (because I am unsure of a reply) my 17 year old daughter who lives independently of myself had her newborn placed in foster care on an ICO. One of the reasons for this was for non engagement while on Child Protection during her pregnancy. Throughout the court bundle there are references to the fact that myself and partner do not engage with children’s services and health professionals and we advise our daughter and partner to not engage as well.
The Guardian in my daughters case requested that the judge order a section 37 on myself and partner because of reading this and having concerns for my own children.
I have 4 children in my care. Aged 2, 5, 9 and 15.
in 2013 all my children were placed in care because my son had non accidental bruises. This was eventually proven incorrect and they were returned home.
In 2015 children’s services became involved again because of bruises (the same son) this was unsubstantiated and explained to them by a doctor after we took him to the hospital.
However. The social worker continued with her involvement, arranging CIN meeting and wanting to assess my other children.
I stopped engaging with children’s services because of the actions of this social worker who among other things, was caught stealing a medical document from my home.
I submitted a statutory complaint (without my evidence), the response at stage 1 and 2 has revealed more unlawful actions and gross misconduct which involves the whole department (all of which I have evidence of)
This process has taken 2 years during which time I have heard very little from children’s services apart from the occasional letter inviting me to a meeting to close the case.
I have been in the process of submitting my complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman along with my evidence.
But tonight (16/3/17) a social worker attended my home requesting to come in to see all my children. I asked her to make an appointment because it was at an inconvenient time and she left.
I then discovered from my daughter that the court case held for her today was just about me and my partner and ordering a section 37.
I understand a section 37 is serious and could result in my children being put in care without a chance to challenge it and put my side.
I hope I have explained the situation clearly and any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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