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How to change Family Law (Divorce)

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How to change Family Law (Divorce)

Postby mjp » Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:31 pm

I have, for a number of months, been trying to find someone who could help me find the people I need to talk to to get laws changed in relation to divorce.

As I am going through one (still after 25 months) everyone I write to thinks I want help with my case, but all I'm looking for is someone I can tell my story to, so that I can feedback my concerns as to where everything has gone wrong, then hopefully get some laws changed so that no-one else has to suffer in the way that I am.

I have tried the local MP, who then passed it on to Caroline Dineage, who was of no assistance at all. I don't think she even read what I put!

I have now tried someone in the House of Lords, and appear to have the same problem.

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