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Accused Of FII as NHS Dr's didn't read their Medical Notes

Fabricated and induced illness and Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.

Accused Of FII as NHS Dr's didn't read their Medical Notes

Postby justiceformybabies » Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:56 pm

I took my 4 week old son to hospital after he had small bleed from his mouth, he was found to have cut a tooth through on Hospital examination, clotting results came back ATTP slightly prolonged has a history of prolonged bleeding. The Hospital were going to discharge myself and my son based on their findings until I had told them that I came out of Domestic Violence a while back. He was then transferred from one Hospital to another where the Dr's didn't understand why the prior hospital had made it a Safeguarding concern. They went along with it anyway, they stated it was hard to stop safeguarding procedures once it's been started. (Maybe the truth was they were too scared to encase of any recriminations came back on them; another case of cover-your-own-back syndrome). They failed to read the results of the tests and examinations that were done at the Prior Hospital. In a strategy meeting (which I was informed was a discharge with a care plan meeting) the lead professional was a Dr who had no input into the care of my son, and who knew nothing (which is evidenced) about the case; reported all results were normal and there was no explanation for the bleed. I brought the truth up with Children's Services with the medical evidence and according to the Dr's they didn't see these notes. They have tried to cover their failings by accusing me of FII when using their own medical evidence (as my word is no longer good enough) I didn't make this event up and nor did I induce it. I did an Access request. I can prove that; the Dr's didn't think NAI was a cause, they started Safeguarding based on my D.V past, the lack of care taken in getting information correct, fabrications and contradictions. They confused me to no end in the hospital one minute they were stopping the safeguarding, the next they weren't, then they were, then they weren't, then they did without telling me and they are still confusing me to no end now. Its one big mess. Something so innocent turned into a game of Cat and Mouse. They failed to read the medical notes and are now accusing me with FII to cover their failings, when the truth of this is the only one evidenced to be fabricating anything is the NHS. Children's Services state; The reason for the case being reopened was the reflection of having made a complaint.

I don't Understand how they can accuse a mother when not accessing medical information obviously these authorises do not "Partnership work" very well. I had to prove this to them when really this should be the other way around!. It boggles me how this can happen in 21st Century.They based their slanderous allegations on here-say only with out checking the medical facts first. They cannot dispute medical evidence or are they now saying they Fabricated the medical findings too????

We are a loving and close family who are shocked and appalled. Its preposterous! I think everyone should be aware that a child cutting through its first tooth is a safeguarding issue according to the NHS and god forbid if you also have a Domestic Violence Past. I just want this mass injustice over and pray that they can figure the truth out for themselves as the NHS and Children's Services are not too bothered about the families they wreck or the stress they place on innocent parents after all they get paid at the end of the day. I am just in sheer disbelief, I knew the system was bad but you never really understand how bad until it happens to you.
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Re: Accused Of FII as NHS Dr's didn't read their Medical Not

Postby Florence » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:44 pm

Sorry to hear what happened. I hope they haven't taken your baby into "care". It may be an idea to ask to see your medical notes (and your baby's) - just in case there is exaggerated or incorrect "information" in there.
Take care.
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Re: Accused Of FII as NHS Dr's didn't read their Medical Not

Postby johnhemming » Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:14 am

It would be helpful if you could contact me about this.
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Re: Accused Of FII as NHS Dr's didn't read their Medical Not

Postby justiceformybabies » Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:41 am

I thought I should up-date you all as to the outcome of everything that had happened, seen as its now 2016. Its been well over 1year now after the start of what I can only describe as a living hell and the worst experience of my life to date.

After I left the hospital I was told it was a child in need assessment after having been told it was child protection and having to insist they inform me as to the nature of their assessment, I also did an access request and received a bundle of information (some that I wasn't supposed to receive, NHS data breach) I managed to get my hand on 2 child protection meeting minutes that was secretly held behind my back. What was on it was disturbing and absolutely scarily contradicting in each paragraph. I would have won a court hearing on this alone, inside this was also a MARCA Meeting Notes from when I left DV (I don't know why that was in there as it was well before the event but it was), I was under constant monitoring by my children's school, being called to the Drs with my son for no reason, The health Visitor was obstructive. I bought a Dictaphone, and CCTV to capture every meeting and every phone call, every visit to the Drs, which was a tiring process, I created a folder bundled with categorised research and information. What I gathered would leave anyone shocked. I gathered mass amounts of evidence against social services, nhs, health visitor involved. I was assessed over a period of nearly 6 months, by 3 different social workers, who all come to the same conclusion. That I am a good mother.

I still have my 4 beautiful children. they never did remove them and I also won my complaint and received compensation for my financial losses after an independent investigator (paid for by social services) found partly in my favour and highlighted that it was an NHS Dr who kept re-opening the case for what was described as weak reasons - After extensive research I stumbled over something disturbing but don't quite understand how this group works or why they are even a group. The Dr who did this to me, is a member of PACA (Professionals Against Child Abuse) who's chairman John Bridson is friends of Roy Meadow (who came up with the MSBP profiling in 1977) and was later struck off by the GMC for being misleading and giving false information which lead to a lady being wrongly imprisoned and David Southall who specialised in FII/MSBP was struck off in 2010 by the GMC for also being professionally misleading. There is one existing list that I have found that has all the members of PACA on it, some of these doctors are retired and some however are active, and are quite high up in medical profession - they hold a lot of weight which is why they are able to influence other medical professionals, Social Services and other such connected organisations. I do have an opinion on this group after what I have read and researched about their connections to each-other and to the MSBP/FII profiling, my suggestion to others would be to research! find the list and check the name of the lead professional against it if your being accused of MSBP - from what I have read these active doctors are largely responsible for parents being falsely accused of this MSBP.

In my case; from the words of the Social Workers after I asked if he could do this to me again they stated "once bitten twice shy". I have the paperwork still and will be going to the GMC with my findings, I doubt I will get far due to the fact of whom I am up against. I am just one voice in billions and know I will not be heard.

I also partly won my complaint with the NHS (no compensation was given but they promised to mass produce procedural leaflets and re-educate their staff members on reading clinical notes at transfere).

I also partly won my complaint with the health visitors who I proved inaccurately and falsely recorded information on their system data base. I never won it fully because they state they simply cannot remember every little detail

After all this was over I just wanted to live to enjoy my children and my life. Those 6 months felt like a life time, it was horrendous no words can capture how it was emotionally.

Now I am living a peaceful life which is all I wanted from the get-go, I am thankful everyday that I have my children, I would hate to think what would have happened had I not been as diligent as I was.

I am left with absolute distrust of the NHS, to the point I am terrified of Drs. The lying, the false accusations, the contradictions - its unbelievable. What I read about myself was awful. This Dr had never met me, never met my son and so ridiculously made up and twisted what every he could to keep finding reasons to re-open assessments.

What was worse was the fact that whilst I was going through all the above I was also prosecuting my violent ex partner who was found guilty of x2 battery offences.

I am just pleased its over I doubt I will ever forget 2014, but I will move on the best I can.

All the best to you all,
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